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A Million No’s

“We found a better fit.”

“You’re too experienced.”

“You don’t have enough experience in ____ ”

“Not good enough.”

They throw horrible cliches at you, ending with a thank you for your time. Either it hurts worse every time or you just get used to it, numb.

Putting yourself out there for a job is like going back to high school. No matter how cool you think you are, you don’t stand a chance if you’re not a carbon copy of someone else orĀ the current idea of ‘perfect.’

“It’s the economy.”

“You aren’t the only one.”

“Something good will come along.”

But what if nothing does? How do you keep your composure when all the doors are shut around you? There are too many people stuck looking for jobs that aren’t even what they want to do.

Don’t give me that line, “…somewhere, God opens a window,” that’s a bit too lazy. I’ll tell you what to do instead.

Stop looking for doors. Stop looking for windows. Sit down where you are and stop replaying the list of no’s in your head. Start listing all the yeses. Change something you’ve always done. End old patterns. Fold your legs under your body, breath, meditateĀ and think about what you really want.

Stop relying on strangers to define you.
Begin to define yourself.

Sit still for as long as it takes and make a plan. Give yourself silent spaces and allow yourself to dream bigger. Change what you know isn’t working.

What are you best in the world at?
Work on that.

Create something. Innovate. Make a list of what makes you amazing. Believe it.

Eventually you’ll open your eyes and realize that there are no closed doors or windows. There are no walls either. Those ridiculous concepts that forced you to hear rejection after rejection have disintegrated around you.

You’ve made your own path. You’ll work hard, but it won’t matter. There are no more no’s. Only a million yeses. You created it. You believe in it.

You believe in You.

You’re not your resume or a list of rejections on paper. You’re something so much bigger.

You’re the right fit. It’s the perfect time. You’re the best candidate. It’s on your own terms.


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