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Things to look at besides television…

“So…what do you do without a TV?” she asked innocently.

Surprised, I looked up. What did I NOT do without a TV?

I hadn’t thought about it in a while. I haven’t had a proper television for at least 2 years now, and I don’t really miss it. I’m no snob though. I do occasionally watch shows online and I don’t always think TV is bad for you. But I don’t think it’s a necessary part of living. Why not pay attention instead to everything else around you?

I started listing things.  “I Read…work…write… take naps, call friends, go swimming, make kale chips, look out the window, ride my bike, dance naked….” I trailed off. “Everything else, I guess.”

I told her that I actually never miss TV, and she said she thought she couldn’t live without it.  We laughed.

“Of course you can,” I told her.

I don’t have television for the simple reason that I couldn’t afford it. Eventually I have forgotten about it. Every once in a while, it’s good to reassess the habits we have and cleanse ourselves of things that no longer serve us.

This January I took a break from drinking alcohol. I’m no hero…I was talking to my trainer at the gym and he said I should try it to notice a difference in my body and in my health. I realized that it had been a while, if ever that I had taken on a challenge.  Alcohol is a big part of every social gathering, and I have taken on networking by storm. I realized I’d been drinking more than just on the weekends simply because it was a supposed social expectation.  After a month of not drinking and changing my diet back towards more gluten free, I lost weight and actually saw a difference in the way I looked. More importantly, I learned that the social expectation to drink is only something we put on ourselves. In the 30 days I was off the booze, only one person tried to pressure me into it. Without alcohol in my system I felt better in the mornings, I spent way less money and I found a different me in social settings. I’m not 100% drink free these days, but I’m glad I took the time to clean myself out.

We do things so mindlessly sometime; we forget to do an inventory on habits.  When we do, we find ourselves not missing it, or find ourselves realizing it’s become too big a part of us. When we actually take the time to stop doing something, we can find a better balance and start moving our energy towards things that work better for us. If anything, you can quit for a bit and then move back towards somewhere in the middle.

I’m not alone in my experimentation. Some of my friends have quit extreme exercising and have moved more towards the love and light of yoga. Others have quit eating meat, or just moved to doing a meatless Mondays and have realized that they won’t actually starve without it. People quit driving and ride their bikes. They quit texting and call. They quit using plastic bags and bottles. They quit working towards other people’s dreams and start working on their own. They stop sleeping in and start getting things done before anyone else is up.

They find themselves happier, lighter, freer, healthier and living a more sustainable lifestyle for themselves and the people around them. They have more time for themselves and for the people they love.

So for now, stop worrying about being labeled a quitter. Find something that’s weighing you down and commit to quitting it.

Because sometimes quitters get to win.

What have you quit lately?





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