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Be Contagious

Pura Vida. Get some.

Be Contagious

The axe rose above his head, and came down with a sharp thwap.  He was chopping wood after a snowstorm. The heat from his body created a cloud of steam as he moved, and puffs of air popped out of his mouth with each heft and release of the axe.

After about 30 minutes he took a break and hauled the wood into the cabin. He told me he loved chopping wood and would do it at any opportunity. He was so enthusiastic about it; he made me want to try.

He is the kind of person that whistles while he works. He creates an impenetrable energy around him when he is working on a project.

“I am tired of life moving so slowly,” I once told him.

“I don’t consider it slow,” he said. “I consider it an evolution of something really big about to happen.”


The server was tall blonde with sparkling blue eyes and long green feather earrings. She came to our table as if we were old friends.

“I am so happy you decided to spend time here today,” she said. After we spoke, she skipped away to the next table and treated them exactly the same way.


The young Thai woman ran up to me with her arms wide open. We had met just one other time.

“It is wonderful to see you!” She said. “I am so excited to spend time with you again!

Her hug radiated joy.


It was a crowded room and I turned to look for him. Like magic, he leaned back from a group of people turned and looked at me too.  Our smiles mirrored each other.


Every once in a while, I am struck with the power that these genuine spirits hold.

Their pure delight in life and the pleasures of the day to day strike my core. I want to bottle it up and keep it for the dark days. These sweet souls capture the essence how lucky we are to be here.

Life is so heavy. I am thankful for these little lights. Fortunately, you can’t keep happiness all to yourself. I’m excited to catch a little of it too.


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