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Is This the Now You’ve Been Waiting For?

growBrunch is totally overrated. Seriously, who waits in line for more than an hour for anything, much less a meal that is way too late to be the first meal of the day? I’d rather just scramble some eggs when I get up and get my day going rather than try to patiently wait for THE BEST BRUNCH EVER for a few hours. And don’t even get me started on the prices…you can buy a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread and organic butter for less than these places charge for an omelet. But it’s an EVENT here in Denver, for some reason. Brunch places have popped up all over the place as if somebody just thought of it, and the most popular ones have a line out the door starting at 7 a.m. So what’s the big deal? I visited one of the top spots to see what all the buzz was about. I didn’t come for real brunch (weekend, hung over 11 a.m.ish). Instead I decided to go when it was a lot less crowded, for lunch on a Thursday afternoon. Luckily for my lunch date we did not have to wait long, and we got into a highly anticipated brunch restaurant and the food was…BLAH. No really, it wasn’t even GOOD. The banana pancakes everyone raves about? I’ve had better ones from the box at home. My plate had two tiny little breakfast tacos which left me feeling still so very hungry. That plus a pretty bad server (if you don’t visit my table after you drop the food off, you didn’t earn my blessing) left me once again ranting about how lame the whole thing is in the first place. I really would never wait in line again for any place like it.

I guess waiting for anything makes me a bit anxious. Afterall, there’s a lot of anticipation for events in our lives. I’ve read so much about quitting your job, finding work that is your passion and living the dream by just DOING IT. The more people I read about people promoting this, the less I feel like I’m living authentically. Those of you who really know me would question that, because I’ve done a lot of amazing things so far. But I’ve also realized the power of what my friend called the ‘pregnant pause.’

What if, instead of quitting everything to live your dream, you made a plan for it?

What if you kept your ‘real’ job and worked at your passion as a part-time job until you actually could make a living doing it?

What if, when nothing was happening for you, you waited, planned, networked and put more pieces together…and maybe even helped somebody else out too?

I know a lot of entrepreneurs and artists who want to make it happen NOW. When I learn more about what they are trying to do, I understand their urgency. But have you ever watched the show Shark Tank? A lot of people have great ideas until they get in front of investors and realize um, they forgot to do the math on it. Sometimes the dream even needs a little tweaking…or maybe it is indeed just a hobby.

I’m not suggesting to not going for it. I’m suggesting instead sitting with it, just for a little bit, and actually execute it like a professional. That way, when you actually start selling, or getting clients or making a difference, you’ll have a plan for growth, sustainability and a more powerful impact. I’ve seen too many people walk away from their dreams because it’s too hard or too expensive or too far away. How many stories are never written because of the dream of a novel? How many systems stay broken because there will be so many people resistant to change? How many dreams are on the shelf because when they tried to go for it, the reality fell way too short of the vision?

Chicago Skyline
Chicago Skyline

Some things are worth the wait, but most things worth waiting for aren’t easy. Instead of throwing your hands up in the air in frustration, make a plan, piece it together, and make it happen.

I recently attended a workshop with Kim Alexander who challenged my thinking on time management. She offered the following advice when it comes to planning your life:

  • There are no victims, stop whining about ‘being too busy.’
  • Healthy living is not optional, take care of you, too.
  • Take the time to block out time for non-negotiables, and build around it.

Creating a plan is scary, but if the option for living a dream life is on the shelf, it’s nobody’s fault but your own.

Last year I went to Chicago and my friend was adamant that we go out for brunch to his favorite place in town. Knowing my attitude problem with it, I agreed, but ate a snack and got ready to wait for a while. He couldn’t make a reservation, but he had studied the flow of people traffic, the best times to go and the menu, and we were going to make it happen. So we waited. And we waited.

bongoFor more than an hour. As I ate my second snack, I noticed the energy around the place, the anticipation for what was surely the ‘best brunch’ on the block. I internally rolled my eyes at them, knew it couldn’t be that good, but was ready to fake it. But everybody leaving was all sighs and smiles and sticky high-fives, gloating to all of us hungry wait-listers.  It seemed so good; I knew I had to be patient. Finally, after eternity and a free coffee, we got seated in the best seat of the house, right by the window. With the afternoon sun streaming in our window, we ate the BEST PANCAKES ON EARTH. I have never had anything like them; it was like having a birthday cake, all to myself. I was also treated to an amazing iced latte and a side of phenomenal hash browns. We stuffed our faces like we earned it and barely said a word to each other.

Life had suddenly just become so delicious, and the experience was actually valuable enough to plan for.

“This was totally worth the wait,” I said between mouthfuls.

“Told ya so,” he said smugly.

Plan your time. Make it worth it. Life will be the tastiest treat you ever earned.


To learn more about Kim’s life and time management work, email her at Best Lives Now.

To eat the best pancakes on earth, visit the Bongo Room, Chicago, IL.

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