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About Heidi

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I’m a freelance writer and marketing expert in Denver, CO with a background in journalism and a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Economic Development and Responsible Management. I use my experience in storytelling and writing to help people and organizations reach the communities that I care about. I have been a professional writer and educator for the span of my career, which includes working in the volunteer, study and travel abroad industry. I have written white papers for nonprofits, curriculum for higher education and have crafted copy writing for start ups and the health, fitness and medical industries.

I focus a lot of my writing on the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) community because I want to work with passionate and innovative people that create wellness opportunities through their products and services. I work with all sizes of organizations as well as non profits and entrepreneurs, and I have specialization in working with social entrepreneurs and start ups.

Manifest Ink is my way to tell stories about innovative brands and game-changing people. Although I’m a freelance writer in Denver, my clients are all over the world, which means I am always working internationally.

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